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Wind Energy

Invest in renewable energy through your cooperative.

You can invest in renewable energy by buying energy in blocks of 100-kWh blocks a month at a special rate of $.20 per block above your regular rate. In partnership with GRE, ECE offers a renewable energy package that has a positive impact on the environment because it reduces the consumption of non-renewable resources. If you commit to buying two blocks of renewable energy each month for one year that equals driving your car 6,000 fewer miles or planting an acre of trees.

Download a Renewable Energy Application Form

Download a printable renewable programs FAQ

Visit the Great River Energy website to learn more about wind farms.

Is a member-owned wind system right for you?

The information below can help you determine whether a member-owned wind system is right for you.

Download a printable 2020 member-owned renewable FAQ

Learn more about your energy use at
Interested in investing in your own wind energy system
Please follow the links below for more information about wind energy.

Grants/Tax Incentives

Minnesota Adopted Rules Relating to Cogeneration and Small Power Production, Chapter 7835, East Central Energy is required to interconnect with and purchase electricity from cogenerators and small power producers which satisfy the conditions of a Qualifying Facility. Learn more
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