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What you need to know about renewable energy certificates

May 2016

ECE is not affiliated with any company selling renewable energy certificates (RECs) to consumers who wish to support wind or solar energy. 

REC providers are cropping up around the country as renewable energy use grows. The companies do not generate or distribute electricity; they pay a third party to generate it, using a renewable resource. Consumers support that renewable energy generation when they pay a monthly fee to purchase RECs. Their electricity continues to be supplied by their electric utility.

As an ECE member, you are able to support local renewable energy development for an additional 40 cents per 100 kWh block added to your monthly electric bill. You can purchase blocks equal to your monthly consumption. When you purchase these blocks, you will be guaranteed the RECs are designated on your behalf by our power supplier, Great River Energy, and generally at a lower cost to you than third-party providers. For more information, visit our website or call us at 1-800-254-7944.

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