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Tree Concerns & Requests for Tree Work

Do you have a concern about a tree near the power line on your property?
Click Here to request assistance from ECE.

Note: ECE is responsible to get the electricity to your meter. Lines and equipment beyond the meter are the member's responsibility. However, the mast on the house (the pipe in which the wires run down to the meter panel - see illustration below) is also the property owner's responsibility.

For example, if a tree damages the mast, an electrician will need to make repairs at your home. You can call your own electrician or our service coordinators can assist with coordinating repairs by calling 1-800-254-7944.

If your concern is with a tree near ECE lines, someone from our forestry services team will be happy to assist you. We will speak with you on the phone about your concern and, if necessary, an arborist will review the situation in the field. If we advise you that we can help, usually one of our contracted tree crews will perform the work. To contact forestry services directly during business hours please call 1-866-293-9068.

ECE normally helps with tree requests near primary lines. If the request involves removal of a tree near a secondary line we may offer you a free line disconnect so that you can safely complete the work.

Work performed outside of our regularly scheduled maintenance cycle does not include any debris disposal. We are also unable to assist with debris clean up when trees die, are damaged by storms, or after outage restoration activities. Stump removal is not performed but we do ask our tree crew to cut as close to the ground as possible.

If you would like us to review your tree concern it is helpful if you mark the tree with ribbon, tape or paint in case you aren’t home when we stop by.

Planting trees can do a lot to enhance the beauty of a home’s landscape. However, it is important to avoid planting trees that grow into power lines. Learn more about Selecting the Right Tree.

To request tree work or to report hazards, please fill out ECE's "Contact Us" form.

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