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Tree Concerns & Requests

Do you have a concern about a potential overhead power line hazard near your property?
Click Here to report your concern to ECE.

Note: ECE is responsible to get the electricity to your meter. Lines and equipment beyond the meter are the member's responsibility. However, the mast on the house (the pipe in which the wires run down to the meter panel - see illustration below) is also your responsibility. For example, if a tree damages the mast, an electrician will need to make repairs at your home. You can call your own electrician or our Customer Service Representative can assist with coordinating repairs at 1-800-254-7944.

Because of the need to balance reliability and safety with aesthetics, ECE offers options when the cooperative needs to do tree work on a member's property.

They include the following:

  • Reduced Trimming Clearance*
  • Convert electric lines to underground*
  • Relocate power lines*
  • Cut down trees (Service provided at ECE's expense or cost sharing)
  • Relocate trees*

*Service provided at member's expense

Clearance Standard

Debris clean up
ECE contractors clean up limbs and brush from their regular tree clearing work. Wood from all tree work is left on the site and stumps are cut as low to the ground as possible. Property owners or homeowners are responsible for dead or diseased trees and disposal of any debris resulting from a storm or emergency trimming.

How much clearance is needed for trees located near overhead power lines?
ECE requires enough clearance to last through the maintenance cycle. For primary conductors this typically involves clearance of 20 feet, more or less, dependent on the tree species. Removal of overhanging limbs is also necessary. Secondary conductors normally require about 5 feet of clearance. In home landscapes ECE establishes clearance based upon growth characteristics of individual tree species.

Planting trees can do a lot to enhance the beauty of a home's landscape. However, it is important to avoid planting trees that grow into power lines. Contact ECE for more information.



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