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Summer energy savings: myth vs. fact

To manage your electric bill during the long, hot days of summer, it helps to sort the myths from the facts. For more energy-saving tips like the ones below, contact us.

Myth: Closing vents on your central air conditioning system will boost efficiency.
Fact: Closing vents can cause the compressor to cycle too frequently and the heat pump to overload. You will also use more energy.

Myth: Time of day doesn’t matter when it comes to running my appliances.
Fact: Time of day does matter when running electrical loads. The cost for your co-op to buy electricity is higher during the evening, when use is at its peak.

Myth: Bigger is always better when it comes to cooling equipment.
Fact: Too often, cooling equipment isn’t sized properly and leads to higher electric bills. A unit that’s too large for your home will not cool evenly and may produce higher humidity indoors.

Myth: Heat from appliances like dishwashers and clothes dryers has no effect on household energy consumption.
Fact: Most major appliances give off heat when in use. During peak daytime temperatures, that heat can put unnecessary strain on your home’s cooling system and raise your electric bill. Cooler temperatures in the early morning and late evening make these ideal times for running your dishwasher, washing machine and dryer.

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