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Storm Damage & Downed Lines

The Vegetation Management Program helps minimize storm damage and power outages. The program does not clean up trees and limbs downed by storms. When emergency efforts to restore power require the removal of trees or limbs from power lines, the trees or limbs are left in as safe a manner as conditions allow.

IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE: Downed power lines are serious safety hazards. Adults should remind young children to stay away from all power lines - and anything touching the lines. Downed power lines may still carry electricity. Coming into contact with live current is life threatening. Report downed power lines immediately to your local police or fire department and to East Central Energy.

To report a power line down, call ECE at 1-800-254-7944.

Distribution DiagramIdentifying power, telephone and cable television lines on a utility pole can be confusing. As a general rule of thumb, electric lines are usually located at the top of the pole, furthest from the ground. Cable TV and telephone lines typically run closer to the ground, below power lines. However, all downed lines should be considered dangerous. Should you see any wire on the ground, stay clear of it.

When outages occur, East Central Energy is only responsible for restoring electric service to our members. If other utility services such as telephone or cable TV are also affected, please contact those companies to have their services restored.







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