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SmartHub puts power in your hands using new meter data

Have you ever wondered if you used more electricity this winter than last? Are you curious how many kilowatt hours you use on the weekends compared to the weekdays? How does the temperature affect your electric use?

Thanks to our system-wide meter upgrade and the convenience of SmartHub, our free app, the answers to those questions and more are now accessible 24/7 on your smart phone or mobile device.

When you download SmartHub, you have access to up-to-date information about your electricity use, made possible by the new meters. You can view your kilowatt hour use by the day, by the week and by the month. You can compare this year’s energy use to last year’s and note usage patterns you may choose to change, enabling you to take steps to save energy and money.

Currently, more than 35,000 new meters have been installed on our system. There will be 75,000 meters installed by the estimated completion date in early 2018, giving all members access to data they can use to help them manage their energy budget.


Screenshot of monthly usage graph

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