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Save now to save later with ECE rebates

With rebates on everything from LED light bulbs to ground source heat pumps, it’s easy and cost-effective to make your home more energy efficient. Combined with our low off-peak rates, rebates make electric heating and cooling affordable as well.

ECE incentives, current rates, criteria and guidelines for residential members.

LED bulbs and lighting fixtures
Replace standard household lighting with high-efficient Energy Star® light emitting diodes (LEDs). Rebate: $3 per bulb

Refrigerator and freezer rebate: $50 (with recycling of old unit)

Dehumidifier rebate: $25

Ductless air source heat pump
Older homes that lack a central heating system can benefit from this heating and cooling unit. Rebate: $300

Air source heat pump
In heating mode, an air source heat pump transfers heat into your home. In cooling mode, it transfers heat outside. It does require a primary heat source. Rebate: up to $630

Ground source heat pump
A ground source heat pump uses the constant temperature of the earth to transfer heat to and from your home. It is a complete heating and cooling system. Rebate: $200 per ton

Storage space heater
Storage space heating systems store heat during off-peak hours in specially designed electric thermal storage (ETS). 0% financing may be available through ECE. Rebate: $100/kw

HVAC electronically commutated motor (ECM)
Many of today’s high-efficiency furnaces include an ECM that would qualify for this rebate. Rebate: $50

Storage water heater
With storage water heating, a sufficient supply of water is heated during off-peak hours to meet your family’s daily hot water needs. 0% financing may be available on storage water heating systems purchased from ECE. Rebate: $400 per system

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