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The Olsons save money with an air source heat pump

When Lance and Kathy Olson’s central air conditioner failed a few years ago, they looked for a more energy-efficient option. In an air source heat pump (ASHP), they found a system that not only cools their home but provides supplemental heating as well.

“I wasn’t familiar with them,” said Lance, “but when our contractor ran the numbers, it really made sense. I believe it will easily make the four to five-year payback period we were expecting.”

“Great financing” through their contractor and a $480 rebate from ECE helped make the couple’s decision to purchase an ASHP even easier.

The cost to cool their four-bedroom, three-bath home near Isanti has “dropped dramatically” since the ASHP was installed about four years ago, Lance said, to just over $20 per month.

ASHPs on ECE’s system are cycled at about 15-minute intervals in the air conditioning mode, usually on the hottest days, when demand for electricity is highest.

“We set the temperature and leave it,” Lance said. “During really hot stretches, we set it at 71 or 72. It maintains the coolness very well.”

The Olsons are able to heat their home with the ASHP in the spring and fall, when temperatures are above 25 degrees, reducing their use of propane.

“Having one unit that can do both was a real selling point,” said Kathy. “It made it even more economical.”

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