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New remittance address

In 2017, ECE has partnered with our local bank to process all mailed payments offsite for efficiency and cost savings. The new remittance address will be a post office box in Chicago, IL.

Will I have to change how I pay my bill?
You will experience no change in how you pay or how your mailed payments are applied to your account(s).

Why is the mailing address in Chicago?
We partnered with our local bank and the facility that will process the payments is located in Chicago.

Why did ECE choose to outsource?
There are several reasons, but the main one was our equipment to process payments in-house was at the end of life. A committee was formed to explore options and made the final recommendation to move forward with an outsource solution. The board approved the change. A decline in mailed payments was another reason for the change.

Will I have to allow more time for the payment to process if I mail it?
No. You should follow the same practice and mail your payment as you have in the past, allowing a couple of days for delivery on or before the due date.

Please call 1-800-254-7944 if you have additional questions.


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