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Meter benefits emerge as installation continues

Smart Meter

With more than 40,000 meters installed so far, the benefits of our new Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) have literally been showing up on the daily call log kept by System Control.

On an early summer weekend, a crew found a blown transformer when a meter showed an outage in Rush City. The member had not yet reported the outage.

In the case of line outages, when several members can be affected, the meters remotely verify that power has successfully been restored at each location. This reduces the number of times crews are called back later to address one remaining outage on a line.    

Sensors in the new meters are helping to identify possible equipment problems before they result in an outage. The meters have alerted us to unreported power quality issues our members have experienced, allowing repairs to be made before further issues arise.

In several cases, meter data has allowed us to work with members to diagnose a problem on their side of the service, eliminating the need to send a crew.  

Our System Control team emphasizes that information provided by members is essential. “We still want them to call us when they have an outage,” said System Control Manager Phil Beaupre. “Their information, along with what the meters give us, makes our restoration process more efficient.”

Chapman Metering is continuing to install meters in various parts of our service territory. They expect to be finished in early 2018. There will be 75,000 meters installed when the project is complete.


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