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Go electric with storage space heating

The clean, safe, energy-wise way to heat your home

At ECE’s special rate of 5.3 cents per kWh, heating with a high-efficiency central storage furnace or boiler is comparable to buying propane at $1.35 per gallon or natural gas at $1.48 per therm.

A $100 per kW rebate is available through 2016 on qualifying systems, reducing the initial equipment cost.

A central storage furnace or boiler converts electricity to heat during off-peak hours, when the cost of power is lower, and stores the heat in high-density bricks. The heat is distributed through forced air or a hot water system during on-peak hours, when electricity costs are higher. The furnace or boiler can serve as your sole heating source or can supplement a heat pump system.

For heating comfort anywhere you need it, room storage heaters are a great choice. They can be installed during new home construction, remodeling projects or easily retrofitted into existing homes. Each heating unit is individually controlled so you can adjust the temperature in each room. ECE’s low off-peak rate of 5.3 cents per kWh applies.

There is no risk of carbon monoxide with electric heating systems. The equipment is quiet and requires little maintenance.

Go Electric with storage space heating. The clean, safe, energy-wise way to heat your home.

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