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Get in the game: Play it safe around electricity

Summer propels us into the outdoors and puts carefree fun at the top of our to-do list. When you pitch a tent or pack a camper, pump up the pool toys or paddle a boat on your favorite lake, you may not be thinking about the safety hazards that can come with the season.

We’re here to help with electrical safety reminders for a summer full of good times.


Look up look out, live
Look for power lines before you fly a kite, a drone or a model airplane. Look up and out. Know where the power lines are and stay safely away. Never climb trees near power lines. Even if the branches aren’t touching the lines, they could touch when your weight is added to the branch.


The 'green boxes' aren't for playing
Stay away from pad-mounted transformers, those green metal boxes that contain the above-ground portion of an underground electrical installation. These cabinets carry high voltages. They are safe when locked, but they can be deadly if someone reaches inside. Call us right away if you see one that’s unlocked or damaged.


Water and electricity never mix
Keep electronics away from pools and hot tubs. Never touch an electrical appliance if you are wet; always dry off completely first.


DANGER! Keep out
Never enter an electrical substation for any reason. If a ball or toy enters the fenced area, call ECE for help. Use caution near solar panels and wind turbines also.


Don't let tragedy strike

  • Around 30 people are killed each year from lightning strikes
  • The top three sports-related lightning fatalities are:
    1. Soccer
    2. Golf
    3. Running
  • Never swim when lightning is in the area
  • Seek shelter in a four-sided building or an enclosed hardtop vehicle at the first site of lightning
  • Wait 30 minutes after the last rumble of thunder before heading back outside
    Downloadable infographic


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