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Electric heat - safe, clean, and reliable

January weather usually puts our home heating systems to the test and takes a bigger bite out of our wallets.

If you’re looking for an energy solution that fits your budget and lifestyle, we hope you’ll contact us. Electric heat has many advantages compared to oil or gas systems and can be used affordably on your co-op’s off-peak rates.

  • Electric heating systems are generally less expensive to purchase and install than other systems. Rebates may be available to help with the initial cost.
  • The cost of electricity has remained stable over time compared with other fuels.
  • Electric heat can be added to heat specific areas of the home, and the temperature can easily be controlled by room or by zone.
  • There are no fumes or flames with electric heating systems, making them a safer option.

We have systems available that will work in existing homes, in new construction and for remodeling projects. Our energy experts can help you determine the best home heating option for you and your family. Maybe you’ll choose to go electric.

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