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Dual Fuel

A Dual Fuel system can heat your whole building using electricity and another fuel. You enjoy the benefits of a lower rate by agreeing to switch to back-up (or dual) fuel during peak times. In fact, you can save up to 50 percent off regular electric heating costs.

How it works

Your electric heat is interrupted during peak demand times. An alternate non-electric or electric thermal storage (ETS) heating system then heats your home during these peak times, generally on the coldest days of the year.

Interruptions can occur at any time for any length of time, up to 12 consecutive hours. The total amount of cumulative hours cannot exceed 400 hours per heating season.

Your satisfaction with this program depends on the ability of your back-up system to keep you comfortable during extended interruptions.

What are the requirements?

The secondary (or back-up) heating system must be automatic and adequately heat your building for as many as 400 hours. To qualify for the rate, all the electric heat in your home, except bathroom heaters, must be controlled. Portable heaters and wood-burning systems do not qualify as a secondary system. Electric thermal storage does qualify for back-up on all Dual Fuel systems.


For New Construction

Install electric baseboard heating with an automatic back-up system such as gas, oil furnace or ETS.

For Existing Buildings

If you have forced-air electric heating, install an automatic back-up system such as an ETS, oil furnace, etc.

If you have forced-air, oil or propane heat, install an electric plenum heater that is inserted into the hot air plenum of the existing heating system. Electric baseboard or heat pumps can also be added, leaving a fuel system for back-up.

If you have electric baseboard, ceiling cables or panels, you can add:

  • ETS room units for automatic back-up
  • Ductwork and a forced-air back-up furnace
  • A wall-mounted gas furnace that vents through a side wall

If you have a boiler, install an electric boiler conversion unit.

Click here for a printable Interruptible Heating information sheet

Click here for a printable Slab Heat information sheet

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