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Cooperative Month reflections

It’s hard to imagine what life was like when only one in 10 rural Americans had electricity. Kerosene lanterns provided light. Blocks of ice preserved the food. A woodstove in the kitchen heated the house and cooked the meals. Water came from a hand pump in the yard.

With rugged independence, strength and persistence, residents of our area joined forces to erase the darkness and the drudgery. Men and women traversed the dusty dirt roads after long days of manual labor to convince their neighbors to join the new electric cooperative.

Fast forward to today—and tomorrow. ECE now serves more than 59,000 member-owners. We’re more than an energy company; we’re a partner in the prosperity of our local communities. Our history is rich with personal connections, of being here when you need us, supporting local fundraisers, advancing the success of business and industry, and facilitating the work of cities, schools and countless charitable organizations. As innovation dominates our industry, we’re here to help you navigate the changes.

We’re proud of our beginnings and excited for our future. While times and technology will continue to change, our commitment to you will not. Living by the seven co-op principles that guide us, we’ve weathered the changes of eight decades and will continue to be here, working with you for a prosperous tomorrow.

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