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About Touchstone Energy Cooperatives

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Connecting the people of America's electric cooperatives to benefit members and their communities makes Touchstone Energy Cooperatives different from the traditional power companies. Touchstone Energy Cooperatives represents a nationwide alliance of member-owned electric co-ops, including yours. Collectively, it delivers power and energy solutions to more than 750 unified local electric cooperatives across 46 states, forming the largest electric utility in the country.

• Co-ops employ 70,000 people in U.S.
• Co-ops generate nearly five percent of the total electricity produced in the U.S. each year
• Co-ops deliver 11 percent of the total kWh sold in the U.S. per year
• Co-ops serve an estimated 42 million people in 47 states
• Co-ops serve 19 million businesses, homes, schools, churches, farms, irrigation systems, and other establishments in 2,500 counties in the U.S.
• Nearly 13 percent of the nation’s meters are members of electric co-ops
• Co-ops serve an average of 7.4 members per mile of line and collect annual revenue of approximately $15,000 per mile of line
• Co-ops own and maintain 2.5 million miles, or 42 percent, of the nation’s electric distribution lines, covering three quarters of the nation’s land mass



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