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Residential Rebates
Residential high-efficient lighting   Printable rebate form.

Rebates are available for residential members that replace standard household lighting with high-efficient ENERGY STAR lighting and technology such as light emitting diodes (LEDs).
  • Rebate of $5 per LED bulb (limit 10 LED bulb rebates per household per year)

ENERGY STAR Freezer, Refrigerator, Dehumidifier or Ductless Air Source Heat Pump     Printable rebate form.

Freezer where the old appliance is recycled: $75 rebate
Refrigerator where the old appliance is recycled: $75 rebate
Dehumidifier: $25
Ductless air source heat pump: $300

Ground Source Heat Pumps     Printable rebate form.

In addition to popular ENERGY STAR appliance rebates, this year ECE's rebate for ground source heat pumps will be $400 per ton, which amounts to $1,600 to $2,400 rebate for units to handle typical new houses today.

HVAC Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM)     Printable rebate form.

$50 rebate

Rebates are available for the purchase of new furnaces with qualifying ECM (high-efficient, variable-speed furnace fan motor) motors purchased on or after January 1, 2015.

FREE CFL recycling - 50 cents off other lamps
     Printable coupon.

ECE residential members can recycle CFLs free or save 50 cents per lamp with other fluorescent bulbs at participating hardware stores. Limit 10 coupons per member per year.

For this important environmental conservation program East Central Energy, Great River Energy, our power supplier, and area hardware stores partner with Mercury Technologies of Minnesota, the state's leading recycler of used fluorescent and high-intensity discharge lamps. The company is fully licensed by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency.

CFL FAQ from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (includes cleanup instructions).

It is illegal to place CFLs in the trash. Go to to find a recycling center in your area.

Ducted Central Air Conditioning and Air Source Heat Pump rebate

An air conditioning study conducted by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) found that 60 percent of all new air conditioners were not installed properly. As a result, manufacturers have requested utilities to adopt rebate guidelines focusing on quality installation practices.

The air conditioning rebate program focuses on key areas of the installation process to help ensure our members get the maximum benefit from their new air conditioner.
  • Proper sizing
  • Airflow
  • Refrigerant charge
  • Duct sealing (exposed ducts only)
Rebate Summary:
Members who purchase and install a qualifying high efficiency rated air conditioner or air source heat pump from one of our registered contractors may receive a rebate up to $630.

Rebate Amounts A/C ASHP
Unit Size Rebate Rebate
SEER 13.0 - 14.4 $50 $330
SEER 14.5 - 14.9 $100 $480
SEER 15.0 - 15.9 $150 $580
SEER 16+ $200 $630
  • Air conditioner must be installed within the East Central Energy electrical service area.
  • Limit one rebate per member account.
  • A certified HVAC contractor must perform installation. Search for registered contractors.
  • Only registered contractors have rebate applications.

Storage Water Heating

Install a 90 percent or higher efficient electric water heater on the off-peak rate and earn a rebate. $300 rebate for new high-efficient (off-peak) electric storage water heating system. Upgrades to existing storage water heating systems do not qualify.

Change your existing uncontrolled electric water heater on the regular rate to high-efficient (off-peak) electric storage water heating and earn a $300 rebate. 90 percent or higher efficiency. (Minimum tank size 80 gallons for family up to four).

Storage Space Heating     Call ECE for details.

$25/kw for ECE approved residential heating systems

Learn more about Storage Space Heating programs.

Click here to learn about federal tax credits.