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Scam Alert
A business in ECE's service territory was the victim of a telephone scam this week. A caller who identified himself as being from East Central Energy demanded the owner immediately pay $500, using a pre-paid debit card, or power to the business would be shut off. The call came from an 866 number. ECE sends a written notice to members regarding their bill and offers many payment options. Be suspicious if a caller insists on the use of a pre-paid debit card or an immediate payment of any kind. Slam the scam! Hang up and call ECE at 1-800-254-7944 to verify your account status and report the scam.

Make the Switch to LED holiday lights
$2 OFF ENERGY STAR® qualified LED holiday string sets at participating retailers.

With higher energy costs projected, rate review is underway
ECE is conducting a cost-of-service study to determine if we are adequately recovering costs through our existing rate structure.

The right reaction can save your life
Instincts tell us to flee danger. Unfortunately, in vehicle accidents that bring down power lines, these natural inclinations can lead to tragic results.

Energy-Saving Water Kit
Take control of your water use. Order a $5 Energy-Saving Water Kit today!

Better bulbs make all the difference
Save on your next purchase of GE energy smart bulbs and fill your home with quality, energy-efficient lighting. Enter the Energy Credit Sweepstakes. Walmart in-store savings extended through December 31, 2014.

Minnesota utilities unite to fight scams
Reports of phone and email billing scams targeting Minnesota utility customers are increasing at an alarming rate, representing thousands of dollars lost to victims. In an effort to shut down scammers, the Minnesota utility coalition has launched "Slam the Scam," an awareness campaign aimed at warning customers and preventing scams.