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Cooperative Month 2014: "The Power of Co-op Membership"
A pioneer spirit and cooperative vision built the rural electric system and changed life as people knew it. ECE members were proud owners of this exciting innovation and actively participated in guiding its future.

Saluting volunteers with the Touchstone Energy Community Award
Each year ECE presents the Touchstone Energy Community Award to a local organization. Any civic organization or non-profit in ECE's service territory is eligible to compete for the award. Application Form

With higher energy costs projected, rate review is underway
ECE is conducting a cost-of-service study to determine if we are adequately recovering costs through our existing rate structure.

The right reaction can save your life
Instincts tell us to flee danger. Unfortunately, in vehicle accidents that bring down power lines, these natural inclinations can lead to tragic results.

Energy-Saving Water Kit
Take control of your water use. Order a $5 Energy-Saving Water Kit today!

Rachel's Challenge Community Event
Join us for a FREE community presentation, Wednesday, October 29, 6:30 p.m., at the Braham Area Community Event Center.

Better bulbs make all the difference
Save on your next purchase of GE energy smart bulbs and fill your home with quality, energy-efficient lighting. Enter the Energy Credit Sweepstakes. Walmart in-store savings extended through December 31, 2014.

Beware of energy scams
ECE wants to remind members to beware of any suspicious phone calls from people asking for personal financial information. Individuals claiming to be utility employees use a variety of techniques to try to gain access to members' funds, usually by threatening to shut off their electricity unless they immediately make a payment. ECE follows all payment card standards and personal information security protocols when dealing with credit card and/or banking information. We will not call you for information that could risk a compromise of these standards. If you are ever concerned or uncomfortable about a caller claiming to represent ECE, do not provide personal information and contact us at 1-800-254-7944 immediately.